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Welcome to Blue Tag

Blue Tag Services has introduced a new service due to public demand - Driver Supply. A lot of our clients have in the past requested from us drivers for a number of occasions. They were quite happy with our drivers that we have decided to introduce a regular service.

If you are out drinking or on a night out, or a function and you have your car with you, you can call us up and within 45 minutes* we will supply you a driver to take you home in your car.

What the services offer is that if you visit a function or on a night out and you decided to drink you know that you cannot drink and drive, this is where we come in handy by sending you a driver to get you and you car home safe. It is best to pre-book the services for when you know you will need a driver however we will answer on the spot calls and the best about this service is you can book it 24 hours a day and you know that we will send you within 45 minutes* a driver and be at your party to take you and your car home.

Should you wish for any other reason to book a driver you welcome to do so you know you will be in the safe hands of our trained drivers. You can use our services as well if you want someone to take your kids to school in your car.

We offer contract opportunities and contract clients are always with priority over standard bookings and as well receive regular discounts.

Contact us now to book the services or discuss your needs for this service.

Our pick- up and drive services can be used for longer periods as well for example for a whole day or a couple of days it is entirely up to you. If you are coming form overseas and need to be driven around Mumbai for a couple of days let that to us and concentrate on your meetings or relaxing in Mumbai. Our drivers will be at your disposal for 12 hour shifts or 24 depending on your activities.

To book a driver service with us, Please Contact us

Email :

Phone : 91 - 22 - 6423 0505 / 3225 0505

Mobile : 91 - 9773352159 / 9322643419 / 9969406179 / 9768480003 / 9029509681 / 9930687879